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Charlotte Neoprene Tote Camo & Orange


•Large tote with magnetic clasp closure.
•Tote measures 15.8"x12.6"x10" inches and zipper pouch measures 8"x5.25" inches.
•Perforated side panels offer the perfect breathability for a gym bag or beach bag.
•Stylish design and lightweight material make for an adorable every day tote.
•Design is a green camo with pink and orange stripes, gray perforated side panels, and bright pink interior. Zipper clutch is matching.
•Blank tote perfect to be monogramed.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND LARGE CAPACITY: Make your summer trips not just hassle-free but also stylish. Breathable and lightweight gym bag.

MACHINE WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Made from stain-resistant NEOPRENE fabric, similar to the material wetsuits are made of, it is easy to wash and will last a lifetime. Green camouflage design with pink and orange accent stripes, gray perforated side panels, bright pink interior, green rope straps.

KEY FEATURES: Magnet clasps on both sides and middle, strong rope straps, carabiner clip at the end of rope to attach matching zipper pouch and keys to making them easy to find, perforated sides to make it breathable.

ZIPPER CLUTCH: Comes with matching zipper closure clutch to stow your smaller items like keys, lipstick, phone and money. Attaches to the interior of the bag by a sturdy carabiner clip on a green rope lanyard.


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